Simply Reassurance/gender (from 18 weeks) – £39

Simply Reassurance/gender  ~ £39

18-38 weeks

Our qualified sonographer will assess the well being of your baby by performing fetal measurements and checking the heart beat.

In the gender scan the Sonographer will then offer there professional opinion on the gender of your baby, however please note that an ultrasound scan does not offer a 100% guarantee as to the sex of your baby.

If the baby is in a position that it is difficult for the Sonographer to determine the sex we will ask that you take a small walk where we will recommence the scan on your return.

If you are less than 24 weeks please ensure you drink a pint of water an hour before the scan

  • 5 minute  ultrasound session.
  • A selection of B/W thermal images (approx. 5 images)

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