Ultimate Gender Confirmation Experience

Ultimate gender confirmation experience ~ £99

16-38 weeks

We perform gender scans from 16 weeks. Our qualified sonographers will offer her/his professional opinion on the gender of your baby however please note that an ultrasound scan does not offer a 100% guarantee as to the sex of your baby.

If the baby is in a position that it is difficult for the sonographer to determine the sex we will ask that you take a small walk where we will recommence the scan on your return. If on the very rare occasion the baby is still in a difficult position to determine the sex of your baby we will offer a complimentary re-scan on an alternative day

What you will receive

  • 5-10 minute 2D ultrasound session
  • A DVD recording of the 2D scan
  • Picture CD with 2D Jpeg images
  • A heart Beat Bear
  • 4D free glimpse ( on request)
To enquire ring 08000 025 938 or email at request@peekaboobabyscan.co.uk