4D Bonding Scan with reassurance


This scan is a 4D  bonding scan  which includes reassurance of your baby’s well-being (5-10 mins) ~ £70  From 26 – 32 weeks

Due to the Pandemic if the baby is in the wrong position for a 4D scan  – YOU WILL NOT be able to go for a walk or will not be offered a complimentary re-scan for a return visit. Your scan will be downgraded to Reassurance only and you will be refunded the difference.

  • 8-10 images on CD
  • Black and white thermal images included
  • Gender confirmation if required
  • Verbal Growth scan included

Optional Extras

  • DVD of scan – £20
  • Heartbeat Bear – £25


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To enquire ring 08000 025 938 or email at request@peekaboobabyscan.co.uk