Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you offer discount for a 2nd scan?

Yes if you come back to us after a reassurance or Gender any subsequent scan you will be offered at 20% off.

  • How many people can come to the scan?

We are happy for you to bring as many people as you like to the scan, however we only have seating for 6 people in the scan room itself

  • Are children allowed to come to the scan?

Yes we are happy for children to be brought to the scan

  • Do I need a full bladder for my scan?

If you are less than 24 weeks pregnant we recommend that you have a full bladder for your scan. Please can you drink a pint of water an hour before your scan to ensure your bladder is full enough.

  • Do I pay by card or cash?

If you haven’t already paid online we take payments on the day of your scan by card or cash.

  • Is it more expensive for twins or triplets?

No our prices are set for all scans irrelevant of how many baby’s you are carrying.

  • Is there any parking

There should be ample parking in the street outside. However if you are having trouble parking if once you pass Peekaboobaby on your right, turn right then immediately right again, drive down a lane and park on the right hand side just passed the solicitors.

  • Where are you based?

We are based in Penarth town centre opposite Tesco express between the Solicitor and Hi-Plan. When entering Penarth Town centre you will pass the main stretch of shops Boots etc. When you get to a roundabout with a clock on it, turn right where you will come to other shops. When you see HSBC bank on your right turn immediately right after the bank. This is Herbert Terrace we are no: 7.

  • Is there anything I can do to help my baby to be in the right position for my 4D scan?

Yes we recommend you drink lots of water leading up to your scan as this clears the fluid in-front of the baby’s face. We also recommend that you drink a glass of orange juice an hour before your scan as this will make the baby a little more active for your scan.

  • What if the baby is in the wrong place for my scan

If the baby is not lying in a position where we can get good pictures of baby, we will ask you to go for a walk. If baby is still not lying in the right position we will offer you a complimentary re-scan. If when you come back to us the baby is again not in the best position we will ask you to go for another stroll to try and encourage the baby to move. On the rare occasion that the baby has not moved we will assess whether we think another visit may achieve the required results or whether we attempt to get what we can. A set £50 scanning charge is required for all 4D scans that are unsuccessful.

 If you have any questions that are not answered above please email request@peekaboobabyscan.co.uk where a qualified sonographer will answer any concerns or if you have general questions about our service we will endeavour to answer within 24 hours.